Amateur Growers | Southport Flower Show 2014

Thursday 17th – Sunday 20th August 2017  |  Opening Times: 10am - 6pm (5pm Sunday)

01704 547 147

Amateur Growers

Our Amateur Growers' Schedule for 2017 will be available shortly.

Southport Flower Show has the largest Amateur Growers' Competition in the country. All staged and displayed in a 100m long marquee. We pride ourselves not only on our high standards and but also our friendliness. Why not be part of the show and enter this year? 

Please note, there has been substantial changes to the schedule, to bring it up to date and offer new classes where possible. We have added a new section baking & preserves. All class numbers have changed, so please be careful when entering these on the form.

Click here to view our 2016 results

Important Notes:
If there are one or more categories that you would like to enter, please fill in the application form and return it, along with a cheque (payable to Southport Flower Show’). The fee covers all areas; you do not have to pay £5 to enter each area. Junior Classes are a £2.50 entry fee.

Car Park Pass – One non-transferable car park pass will be issued for the Thursday only, a car park pass for an alternative day will be issued if requested on your application form.

Collection of Exhibits – If you do intend to collect your entries on the last day of the show and require an after 3.30pm car park pass or Rotten Row pass you must mark this on the form.

Feedback – If you would like feedback from judges, this is available at 11am on the first day of the show, at the managers office in the Amateur Marquee for entries in this marquee.   

Prize Money – We will now be paying prize money into your bank account directly, please put these details on your form.